NO WAY!! You’ll Never Believe How This Veteran Was Treated at Chili’s! WATCH HERE!

What was supposed to be a promotion to honor military service turns into an argument over Ernest Walkers service dog and the proof of his service.  Angry protesters gathered outside the Chili’s restaurant in Cedar Hill, Texas expressing outrage over how this U.S. Army veteran was treated.

“This Uh, overzealous um, uh Manager comes out and instead of talking to me man to man he treated me as if I was a black man stealing a meal, honestly, that’s what it looked like,” Said Walker.

Walker say’s he was seated with his service dog when a customer approached him, asking about his service. After the customer made a comment about them not “letting blacks in World War II” a manager came to his table claiming that guests told him that Walker was not a Military veteran.

After showing the Manager his Military ID and discharge papers, which he brought specifically for proof of service, the manager accuses his service dog of not being real.

Walker says he showed his dog’s certification and then began shooting the video on his cell phone as he and the manager argued.

“That manager needs to be reprimanded and fired,” Said Walker.


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