Kid is Hospitalized After Being Attacked for SnapChat Views (Video)

As 14-year old Jordan Peisner was walking out of a local Wendy’s, another teenager whom he doesn’t even know came up and sucker punched him in the side of the head. This one punch left Peisner hospitalized with a fractured skull, blown ear drum and a brain bleed. It is unclear as to the exact reasoning for the attack, but the teen has since been arrested and the girl who filmed it for SnapChat has been questioned.


From CBS Local:

“It’s a cowardly move,” Ed Peisner said of the attack. “But the person who followed him and filmed it is equally at fault.”

Several teens who witnessed the assault also recorded the aftermath of the attack on their cell phones.

Four days later, Peisner’s family is struggling to see any possible explanation for the attack.

“My son’s brain was bleeding because someone wanted to see a video?” Ed Peisner asked incredulously. “Four days later I am trying to process it, and I get chills and tears.”

Peisner’s condition is improving, doctors said, though he’s still suffering from severe headaches and is sensitive to light. It’s unclear if he will have any long term effects from the attack.

“His life was changed in two seconds,” Ed Peisner said.

This Teenage boy’s life has been turned upside down all for some views on social media.

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