Franklin Graham: Trump’s win was the result of God answering prayers

Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham was on Fox News and he says that the election result was God answering prayers. Graham traveled all over the country just to pray for America and this election. He knows that none of those prayers were in vain, God heard them.


From The Blaze:

Graham explained that the common theme he experienced during the 2016 election season — as he held prayer meetings in all 50 state capitals — is that Americans feel that their country is heading in the wrong direction and want intervention from God to turn things around.

He said that Americans are tired of the “secularist” federal government that has a “humanistic, atheist” agenda.

“They were praying that God would change this and put somebody in the White House that believed in God, and would listen to God’s voice,” Graham said.

And according to Graham, those prayers were answered last November.

“I believe — no question — that God’s hand was in it,” he said.

Still, Graham went on to explain that America is still in “great trouble,” citing the divisiveness that continues to plague Americans.

Graham also said that he hopes America can come together “as Americans” for Trump’s inauguration like the country has for past presidents, including President Barack Obama.

“Now, we need to help this nation move forward,” he said.

Some may say that it’s ridiculous to assume that God would use such a man as Donald Trump. But all you need to do is open up the Bible, it’s full of men who weren’t so “righteous.”

God still used them for his glory. King David was “a man after God’s own heart,” if you know that story, you also know that God can and loves to use “foolish” people. We’re all foolish at some point in our lives, after all.

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