Do You Ever Get These Red Bumps On Your Arm? If You Do, You Need To Read This


I know, I know. Diagnosing yourself on the internet is rarely a smart idea, if ever. But! I have science to support me and you’ll thank me for it later, I promise. It seems like a pretty common problem and I’m also pretty sure it’ll revolutionise your life when you find out.

You know those itchy, red bumps you get all over your body? Perhaps you thought before that there was very little reason behind this occurrence, but you are very much mistaken. It turns out that these red bumps correlate to how well you digest gluten.


It seems so simple, but it has been scientifically proven that it’s true! Want to find out more? Make your way to the next page to find out the science behind this phenomenon, and what you can do to get rid of those red bumps for good.

Expert nutritionists have used their brains for good today as they have compiled a list of symptoms associated with gluten intolerance, one of them being itchy red bumps on your arms. It turns out that these bumps are a good indicator of gluten intolerance and this is why.

If you have trouble processing gluten, your intestines become inflamed which can outwardly reveal itself through the skin. This is why gluten intolerance is often associated with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. These skin conditions are a result of the immune system creating antibodies which can cause dry, itchy skin.


Other symptoms of gluten intolerance include stomach pain, dizziness, chronic fatigue, mood swings, migraines and lactose intolerance. So if you have any of these symptoms, make sure to go to your doctor to see if you can be tested for gluten intolerance – it could make your life a whole lot easier! It’s not just gluten you can be intolerant to, as you can see over on the next page.

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