DISGUSTING: What Christina Grimmie’s KILLER Was Doing To His Own Body Reveals His DISTURBING Obsession With The SINGER…


Singer Christina Grimmie, famous for her third-place win on “The Voice,” was killed by 27-year-old Kevin Loibl during a meet-and-greet after a concert in Orlando, Florida.

Christina was reportedly signing autographs at a merchandise table after her performance on June 10th, when she welcomed Loibl with open arms. Loibl approached the singer and shot her multiple times.

 Investigators report that Loibl was carrying two handguns and a large hunting knife at the time of the murder, and that they believe Loibl was at the meet-and-greet for the sole purpose of attacking the singer.Now, the reason why Loibl drove from his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, to Orlando just to kill the 22-year-old may be coming to light.

As TMZ reports, multiple co-workers of Loibl’s say that he had a very intense obsession with Christina. He was determined to change his appearance for the singer, getting hair transplants, Lasik eye surgery, and becoming a vegan. He reportedly listened to her music at work, as well.

TMZ further reports that co-workers “teased” Loibl by telling him he could never “score” Christina because she already had a boyfriend—her producer. The International Business Times reports that this realization “enraged” Loibl. The information, however, has yet to be confirmed by police.

Loibl did have a violent past though. TMZ reports that he had previously gotten into physical altercations with both his father and stepmother.

After shooting the singer multiple times, Christina’s brother allegedly tackled Loibl to the ground just before the killer took his own life.

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