DISGUSTING!!!: Baby Left In 154 Degree Car… Paramedics STUNNED When They See His Face


A 1-year-old boy in Herriman, Utah, was very lucky to be alive after being left in a hot car Sunday afternoon for more than two hours.

KSTU-TV reported that the boy was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital in critical condition after his father found him in the car in his carseat. After several hours at the hospital, the boy was upgraded to fair condition and was expected to recover

Lt. Lex Bell of the Unified Police Department told KSTU-TV that the family went to church on Sunday and the mother decided to go home early after falling ill. When she went inside the home to deal with her illness she forgot that the baby was in the car.

The father found the baby over two hours later, and Bell said that the boy was lethargic and that his breathing was shallow.

Police reported that the temperature had reached 105 degrees outside. Bell added that the temperature inside the car had reached a deadly 154 degrees.

Although the mother could be charged with felony negligence, because of the circumstances police declined to do so.

Bell discussed the importance of being vigilant, however: “It’s one of those things where you’ve got to think about, not even for a few minutes can you leave your child in the car unattended.”

With temperatures soaring across the country leading into the heat of summer it’s a critical message. KSTU-TV reported the findings of a study that found that a car can increase 20 degrees in temperature in just 10 minutes — a reminder of how quickly a thoughtless mistake can turn fatal.

Mistakes happen, but in the case of a hot car vigilance can literally mean the difference between life and death.

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