BREAKING STORY: Sea Hawks Have FINALLY Announced What Their Going To Do For The 9/11 Game


The Seattle Seahawks were pilloried on social media because everyone thought the entire squad was going to pull a Kaepernick and disrespect the National Anthem.

Turns out, everyone was wrong.

The team will stand on the sidelines tomorrow, Sept. 11, for their season opener.

I can’t help but think QB Russell Wilson had a hand in this decision.

Listen to the clip…

“As a team, we have chosen to stand and interlock arms in unity.” 

Martin Luther King Jr. once famously said “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

— Doug Baldwin Jr (@DougBaldwinJr) September 10, 2016

From Bleacher Report:

On Friday, Baldwin spoke more about the team’s demonstration, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times:

We never said there was a protest. I don’t know who did (call it a protest), but we never said there was a protest. We never said we were kneeling, we never said we weren’t kneeling. We just said we were having a discussion. I want to be clear about that — we just said we were having a discussion.

Condotta passed along comments from the veteran wideout and linebacker Bobby Wagner on Thursday. Baldwin stated he was considering some type of action but added, “I want to make sure I get all of my ducks in a row before I do so.”

Meanwhile, Wagner spoke about the teamwide plans: “Anything we want to do, it’s not going to be individual. It’s going to be a team thing. That’s what the world needs to see. The world needs to see people coming together versus being individuals.”

So, basically, the team is trying to make a huge statement by saying, look at us, guys. We play in the NFL, too!

Why does it need to be announced that millionaire athletes are going to show respect for their country?

I’m happy they’re not acting like children, but this is all much ado about nothing.

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